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New Categories and Prestigious Judging Panel Announced

The International SOS Foundation today launched the annual 2017 Global Duty of Care Awards, recognising organisations and individuals who drive excellence in the mitigation of travel, health and security risk and contribute to effectively protecting workers overseas. Following the success of the inaugural Awards in 2016, which attracted applications from organisations around the world, the Awards have been expanded for 2017 with the addition of four new categories and once again are adjudicated by a prestigious judging panel.

Laurent Fourier, Director of the International SOS Foundation, said: 
“Duty of Care responsibilities impact a range of stakeholders within organisations. Risk and Security managers are looking to reduce risk to their people and assets, while maximising compliance and business continuity. Travel Managers need to make sure personnel are safe when abroad and properly informed with the ability to reach out to them. Occupational Health & Safety and Medical Directors ensure that people are trained, safe, healthy and well wherever they work around the world, from a home office to remote locations. By hosting the Global Awards we are looking to discover and share best practices and innovation in these areas.  In response to last year’s level of entries, we have also added four new categories this year to reflect the diversity of this complex and vital business topic.”

“We are delighted and thankful to have the support of our excellent panel of judges, each lending their expertise to our Awards, and look forward to reviewing and celebrating innovative entries.”

The global call for submissions is now open to all organisations, institutions and non-governmental organisations. The 2017 Global Duty of Care Awards will be presented in the following categories:
  1. Innovation
  2. Thought Leadership
  3. Resilient Care
  4. Communication
  5. Partnership 
  6. Remote Healthcare (new category)
  7. Return on Investment for Travel Risk Mitigation (new category)
  8. Ambassador of Duty of Care (individual) (new category)
  9. German Mittelstand: Duty of Care Programme (new category; German based companies)
The 2017 Duty of Care Awards judges include the below internationally recognised leaders in fields related to Duty of Care.  Full details are also available here:  
  Name  Title  Organisation 
1.  Head of Awards Jury: Dr Walter Eichenfdorf  Deputy Director General  German Social Accident Insurance DGUV 
2.  Nick Allan  CEO  Control Risks Europe and Africa 
3.  Brian Friedman  Founder  The Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) 
4.  Linda Kromjong  Secretary-General  International Organisation of Employers (IOE) 
5.  Dr Alexander Mahnke  Chairman  German Risk and Insurance Association (GVNW) 
6.  Kevin Myers CBE  President  International Association of Labour Inspection (IALI) 
7.  Kathy Seabrook, CSP (US), FFIOSH (US), EuroSHM  President Elect  The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) 
8.  Dr Andrew Sharman  CEO  RyderMarshSharman 
9.  Dr Jukka Takala  President  International Commission of Occupational Health 
10.  Louis Wustemann  Managing Editor  Regulatory Magazines and Journals, LexisNexis, UK 

One winner will be chosen and presented an award for each of the nine categories. Winners will be announced at the awards gala dinner and summit on Thursday, 29 June 2017 at the Maritim Pro Arte Hotel, Berlin, Germany.

Information for Entering the Global Duty of Care Awards;

  • Organisations and individuals may download the nomination form here. Entries may be submitted via email at info@internationalsosfoundation.org
  • The awards entry period closes on Friday, 10 March 2017.
  • The awards shortlist announcement will be on Monday, 10 April, 2017.
To learn more, visit www.dutyofcareawards.org

About International SOS Foundation

Established in 2011, the International SOS Foundation ― Ambassadors for Duty of Care www.internationalsosfoundation.org – has the goal of improving the safety, security, health and welfare of people working abroad or on remote assignments through the study, understanding and mitigation of potential risks. The escalation of globalisation has enabled more individuals to work across borders and in unfamiliar environments; exposure to risks which can impact personal health, security and safety increases along with travel.

The Foundation is a registered charity and was started with a grant from International SOS. It is a fully independent, non-profit organisation.

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