International SOS and ACTE webinar to advise Travel Directors on medical and security evacuations

18 March 2014 ,  —


A panel of experts within the corporate travel industry will share best practice on planning for emergency evacuations - and avoiding them through proactive decisions and policies.

Evacuate Me! Eight Tripwires to Avoid is a complimentary, educational webinar co-hosted by International SOS and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE). The session is intended for travel directors and managers for global organisations, as well as professionals who manage or are responsible for employees overseas, including those in the areas of travel, human resources, security, medical, business continuity, risk management and legal.


The webinar will be hosted by the following experts in the corporate travel industry:

• Robert L. Quigley, MD, D.Phil, Professor of Surgery, Regional Medical Director, Americas, International SOS
• Pablo Weisz, Regional Security Manager, Americas, International SOS and Control Risks
• Greeley Koch, Executive Director, ACTE


It is somewhat inevitable that today’s corporate travel managers will eventually face some type of medical or security crisis, or an evacuation of one of their international business travellers. Greeley Koch, Executive Director, ACTE highlighted the webinar’s goal to educate travel directors and managers and arm them with best practice when it comes to planning a corporate travel programme for employees. He said of the webinar:

“Employee safety overseas should be the main priority for a travel director/manager, and is paramount to a successful corporate travel programme. This webinar will encourage and assist directors and managers to strengthen their travel programmes and have the peace of mind that their employees are operating in a safe environment. Should an unfortunate or dangerous situation arise, they will have more tools and knowledge in place to either prevent or deal with the situation successfully.”


ACTE and International SOS have partnered to hostEvacuate Me! Eight Tripwires to Avoid, because they believe it is just a matter of time before safety or evacuation tactics will be needed one some form or another. The questions travel directors and managers need to ask include the following: Are they prepared to manage a potential crisis? What can be done today so they are ready? And, most importantly, what can be done to prevent an evacuation or other crisis from happening in the first place?


Evacuate Me! Eight Tripwires to Avoid, will address these questions and more, and explore why travel plays such a pivotal role in helping organisations fulfill their Duty of Care.

Evacuate Me! Eight Tripwires to Avoid will be hosted Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 at 1 - 2 p.m. Eastern. Follow this link to register to attend this webinar.



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