International SOS in 2012 Year in Review

31 December 2012 ,  —


International SOS, the world's leading medical and security services company, shares highlights from 2012 and reflects on the support it provided in the wake of major global events:

The Coup d'├ętat in Mali; Conflicts in Sudan/South Sudan and Israel/Gaza; Protests in Egypt; Hurricane Sandy and the novel coronavirus outbreak. International SOS also supported its clients during the London 2012 Games.

Globalisation continues to be on the increase with its customers expanding into newer and ever more remote markets. International SOS' focus remains on the pre-emption and mitigation of risk.  Real-time monitoring, analysis and further developing capabilities to advise and help its clients respond is a priority.

In 2012, International SOS reported an 8% increase of traveller journeys worldwide*.  
Key development areas for the company included: Investment in its information and tracking systems, Duty of Care and the diversification and expansion of its capabilities and provider network: hospitals, clinics, physicians, ambulances and more.  Achievements comprised:
Building Medical Capabilities: Quality is central focus with the company embarking on ISO 9001 certification for its global medical services. This year, International SOS certified its London Assistance Centre and medical clinics, facilities and services in Indonesia, China and Sakhalin, Russia. The company opened a new clinic in TEDA (Tianjin), China.

Innovation and Technology First: Putting information directly in hands of members is at the forefront of its agenda.  International SOS was awarded mentions for technology by the EMMA (Forum for Expatriate Management) and Mobile Enterprise Mobilizer entities.  Upgrades to the membership alerts and Assistance App improved functionality and user experience for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices. Going from 26,000 downloads in February to over 100,000 in December, indicated a high adaptation of its Assistance App. At the end of the year, the company launched 'Spot the Risk' (, a pre-travel awareness campaign to help drive downloads of the app.

Focus on Medical Leadership: International SOS provided expertise in the medical arena particularly in malaria prevention and pandemic preparedness. In April, an integrated malaria solution was launched helping clients address prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.  In December 2012, the company issued a dedicated website for clients on novel coronavirus, an emerging virus in the Arabian Peninsula. International SOS provided direct public outreach during World Health Days for Heart Health, Rabies, Diabetes and Malaria.

Duty of Care: International SOS had released its Global Benchmarking Study on Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management surveying more than 628 multinational employers on their travel practices, policies and attitudes. This ground-breaking research offered insights on what companies deemed important regarding the health and safety of their employees and assignees. In March, the International SOS Foundation was launched to foster the study and adoption of Duty of Care best practices. The foundation had a meeting of experts in Singapore in September discussing the way forward for Duty of Care in Asia as a key occupational health issue. Additionally, a call was raised for leaders and industry experts to develop an international guidance based on national legislation and practices across the globe.

Travel Security Response: This year in Mali, a military coup prompted the company to evacuate 26 people from the capital city of Bamako. In Sudan, Egypt and Israel, incident management teams were deployed on-the-ground to offer clients hands on support. So far this year, International SOS has handled 12,000 advice and assistance cases in the wake of global travel security incidents. 


Notes to Editors: *TravelTracker data from July 2010-July 2011 and July 2011-July 2012 indicated patterns of over 6 million travellers in 218 countries.
Notes to Editors

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