International SOS launches Mobile App to protect international business travellers

19 September 2011 ,  —


International SOS, the world’s leading international healthcare, medical and security assistance and concierge services company, announced today the release of their new mobile application for members, which was built using Pyxis Mobile’s enterprise-grade mobile application development platform. 


The mobile app quickly connects business travelers to the extensive global response capabilities of International SOS, including a one-click dial for help from the nearest International SOS Assistance Center, instant access to the latest location-specific travel alerts, and real-time health and security advice.

The Assistance App was developed to help organizations fulfill their duty of care: a company's obligation to protect its employees from risks. Safeguarding employees who travel abroad to high-risk locations on behalf of their employer is an increasingly complex task. Even in low-risk destinations, business travelers can be affected by medical conditions, accidents, natural disasters, or political unrest. This innovative mobile app enables companies to protect their business travelers from such threats by extending their travel risk management capabilities directly into the hands of their employees.

“International SOS has always led the way in delivering advanced assistance, counsel and support to our members, wherever they may be, and our new mobile application is another example of that focus,” said Tim Daniel, International SOS Group Executive Vice President. “Increasing your level of safety, comfort and efficiency when travelling starts with being informed and this app is a powerful medium for staying informed.”

Using the Pyxis Mobile platform, International SOS was able to rapidly build and deploy a robust mobile application that integrates with the company’s proprietary security and medical information systems, as well as its global assistance center network. Taking advantage of Pyxis Mobile’s cross-device capabilities, the app is supported on all leading smartphones, including iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android.

“Our travelers have reported that they like having quicker and more up-to-date information readily available at their fingertips,” said Tim Brokmeier, a security advisor for a large financial services provider. “It gives them peace-of-mind that they can reach out for help so quickly in the time of need. Also, it gives those of us charged with their safety a better tool to keep our travelers healthy, safe and secure.”

Features include:

The latest medical and security alerts according to location
Quick dial for immediate assistance whenever help or advice is needed
Access to existing membership online services
Immediate retrieval of membership number for faster assistance center assistance
Access to International SOS’s unrivalled global network of 68,000 professionals, including established providers; clinics; assistance centers; air ambulances; medical specialists; and security, aviation, or logistics personnel.

“The International SOS app is one of the most innovative and exciting mobile applications built using the Pyxis Mobile platform to date, and we are thrilled to add International SOS to our growing list of customers,” said Steven Levy, CEO of Pyxis Mobile. “They are a prime example of how flexible and versatile our mobile application development platform truly is and how companies across virtually every industry are using our ‘do-it-yourself’ solution to build cross-device mobile apps. We expect this mobile application to change the way employees travel, and we’re looking forward to seeing future developments of the app.”

International SOS will be revealing the new cross-device assistance app and demonstrating its advanced capabilities at the ASIS International 57th Annual Seminar in Orlando, Fla., September 19-22, 2011 in booth No. 2259.


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About the International SOS Group of Companies

The International SOS Group of Companies is in the business of saving lives, protecting your global workforce from health and security threats. Wherever you are, we deliver customised health, security risk management and wellbeing solutions to fuel your growth and productivity. In the event of extreme weather, an epidemic or a security incident, we provide an immediate response providing peace of mind. Our innovative technology and medical and security expertise focus on prevention, offering real-time, actionable insights and on-the-ground quality delivery. We help protect your people, your organisation's reputation, as well as support your compliance reporting needs. By partnering with us, organisations can fulfil their Duty of Care responsibilities, while empowering business resilience, continuity and sustainability.


Founded in 1985, the International SOS Group, headquartered in London & Singapore, is trusted by 12,000 organisations, including the majority of the Fortune 500, as well as mid-size enterprises, governments, educational institutions and NGOs. 12,000 multicultural medical, security and logistics experts stand with you to provide support & assistance from over 1,000 locations in 90 countries, 24/7, 365 days.   

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