The TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) is the Department of Defense (DoD) health care program for active duty US service members, retirees and their families, and certain other beneficiaries outside the US.  

Why is the TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) unique?

TOP manages a consistent, standardized program in over 200 countries by:
  • Assuring quality standards across country specific variances
  • Selecting the right mix of vetted health providers
  • Seeking care with required referrals and authorizations
  • Overcoming language and cultural barriers
  • Medical management for inpatient cases and primary health management for remote populations
  • Providing medical coding, billing and claims assistance
  • Obtaining preferred terms and discounts from health providers
  • Knowing how to meet regulatory and policy requirements
  • Long-standing experience managing highly sensitive data
  • Offering best-in-class aeromedical evacuation, even in austere or remote locations
  • Managing regional flight desks to supplement military airlift capability
  • Accessing a cashless network of 78,000+ actively managed, quality-assured and screened providers
  • Allowing for choice within the quality-credentialed network for specialty care and patient safety
  • International SOS TOP Regional Call Centers available 24x7x365 in three regional locations
  • Transparent reporting as well as cost management and control.



What the Program Offers:

"It is a true honor and privilege to serve our nation's military overseas, ensuring access to high-quality health care services no matter where their work or travels take them."
COL (Ret.) Rafael E. De Jesus, SVP Military Services, International SOS Government Services


TRICARE Overseas Program: Globally Integrated Health Care Delivery

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The Differences between a Medically Managed Program and an Insurance Program

International SOS is a ‘doing’ company – not simply a ‘paying’ company. International SOS partners fully in the patient care; more than just transactional management and payment administration.

Success of the TOP is determined by having ‘boots on the ground’.

The key to this success is the network creation, right-sizing of that network, and constant management in the market, driving value, efficiency, innovation and partnership in every sense. This approach works by directing patients to providers who have practical knowledge and experience in the ability to deliver and help ensure quality medical outcomes.

Process to deliver high quality medical outcomes

Medical operations management contracts support intervention, case-management, and quality and capabilities oversight. This type of contract invests in the front end process of ensuring appropriate access for patients, positive medical outcomes and standardized global processing models allowing for a full and holistic view.

A typical insurance plan will often assume health care capabilities are equal and focus on the back end or payment for a more self-navigated care and localized
processing model.

A winning Partnership

Health care delivery under the TRICARE Overseas Program allows for transparency and partnership with US Defense Health Affairs leadership, ensuring access to quality health care by vetted, credentialed overseas providers even in the most austere challenging locations. The added complexities associated with foreign health systems, including instability and markedly fluctuating levels of quality of routine and specialty care require active patient care management to ensure compliance with the basic underlying TRICARE policy and expected US quality standards.

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"International SOS remains uniquely positioned to support the needs of international governments with medically-led, patient-first capabilities. Even in the most austere, hostile and challenging locations in the world, International SOS delivers quality health services efficiently and cost-effectively."
William Nelligan, CEO Governement Services - US, International SOS Government Services