Our Global Infrastructure

International SOS cares for subscriber clients across the globe, from more than 1,000 locations in 90 countries. Our expertise is unique: More than 11,000 employees at these locations are led by over 5,200 medical professionals and 200 security specialists. Teams work night and day to protect our members, providing you with a global infrastructure you can depend on:

27 Assistance Centres

With our local experts available globally, you can speak to us in any language, anytime 24/7.

5,200 Medical Professionals

Immediate access to experts with extensive experience in all fields of medicine coupled with a thorough knowledge of the local environment and healthcare system.

200 Security Specialists

24/7 access to travel security reporting, analysis and expert advice from our security consultants, analysts and tracking experts around the world.

900 Medical Services Sites

An accredited, integrated network of 58 clinics and 850 medical sites around the world. Practising a supervised international standard of medicine – in developed and emerging countries, offshore and remote locations.

72,000 accredited providers

A network of accredited healthcare, aviation and security providers ensuring that we provide you with the best logistics in the air, on the ground and at sea.