No one is ever very far from being affected by a potential medical or security incident, whether in the workplace, while travelling on business or simply going about everyday life.

For employers across the world, ensuring their people are prepared and informed about the practical aspects of medical and security risk  is a crucial aspect of their Duty of Care to their employees.

We believe that proper training can make a crucial difference – First Aid, Health and Wellbeing and Travel Risk training for members of a mobile workforce.

Our portfolio of Medical and Security Training  Services, delivered by our qualified  professionals, makes it easy for organisations to communicate with, educate and train their people across a broad range of medical and security issues.

Our solution

How it works

Research shows that the actions taken in the first few minutes of an incident are critical. So our First Aid training equips your people with the essential life-saving skills they need when every minute counts.

Equally important, our Travel Risk Training proactively prepares employees before they leave on an assignment. These can be generic or destination-specific, but the aim is always to improve understanding of the most significant medical and security risks your people may face.

We also provide Health & Wellbeing training that helps employees to make informed decisions for better health, leading to a happier and more productive workforce. 

Our training solutions are delivered either in a traditional classroom, a virtual classroom or through eLearning delivered via the International SOS Training Hub. 

How it helps

Not only does our training aim to reduce the frequency and impact of medical and security incidents affecting your business, it also aids employee development and staff retention.

As well as helping you to maintain business continuity, it serves to safeguard your reputation through streamlining compliance with local and international regulations, and your own Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Furthermore, by evidencing your commitment to employee safety, it mitigates the risk of legal liability.