Travel Security

Seamlessly integrated with our medical professionals, our security teams are fully regionalised; bringing us closer to your business and widening your global reach. Our local expertise derives from years of operational experience to provide you with deeper, more insightful, specialist knowledge.

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What makes our integrated solution different?

We understand that you need more than just information. Our in-house experts use a mixture of technical and on-the-ground sources to gather and assess the real-time issues that are relevant to you. This analysis and on-call actionable advice is focused on what is needed to keep your people safe and productive ensuring that business disruption is kept to a minimum.

Our team of 200 dedicated travel security experts, from 30+ nationalities and speaking 30+ languages, have all lived and worked in the regions they manage. Their extensive experience includes: analysis, commercial security, crisis management, logistics, military, operational intelligence, and police. They have qualifications in relevant areas such as risk management, international relations or security studies.

Two market leaders: One world-class solution. 

The joint venture between International SOS and Control Risks combines the world’s leading medical and security risk specialists. Our combined resources and expertise provide a comprehensive suite of travel risk services for mobile employees.