Last updated: 16 December 2015

When destination risk changes dramatically

Throughout late 2013 and early 2014, civil unrest spread as clashes between opposition activists, Government troops and pro-Russian forces intensified. In late February, Kiev saw its worst day of violence in 70 years, with at least 88 people killed.

For organisations operating in and around the Ukraine, the clarity and neutrality of the information we deliver is essential to the success of their operations. We use our provider network to cut through the noise and determine which sources of information are credible.


With our eyes and ears on the ground, we are able to verify intelligence and provide contextual information that is not skewed by commercial media agendas. This means we can give accurate, proportionate and entirely neutral advice, the sole intention of which is to provide maximum value to you and keep your people safe.

International SOS is playing a leading role in providing specific advice and support for medical and security risks, no matter where your people are. Our specialist teams are working around the clock to keep your employees protected and business moving.

    • Assess and understand the risks of exposure at your destination: We analyse and evaluate any location you are sending your employees to and recommend measures that help mitigate risks.
    • Around the clock access for your travellers to specific local advice: Our qualified doctors and security specialists are there for your employees, no matter what, where or when.

Achieve your goals and avoid loss of time and productivity by preparing your employees for travel and supporting them when they are in unfamiliar and remote locations. We help to keep your people healthy and safe, so you can focus on your core business activities.


Rapid response at the peak of the crisis

In November 2013, Ukraine’s then President Victor Yanukovych, announced his decision to abandon a trade agreement with the European Union. This move sparked mass street protests that would eventually lead to Yanukovych’s downfall and the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

Ukraine was previously a low-risk, stable destination. There had been longstanding client interest in the country, good infrastructure and no real issues for international travellers. But then, after the Kiev protests, all that changed.

With growing uncertainty around Russia’s intentions and on-going violence across the country, clients operating in Ukraine become increasingly concerned for the wellbeing of their employees.

Through the collaboration of International SOS Assistance Centres in Dubai, London, Moscow and Frankfurt, our crisis management team was able to help and advise 107 companies between February and March 2014, delivering 104 situational reports, including six special advisories to support critical management decisions.

Situational preparedness

While the events in Ukraine happened quickly, we were able to respond swiftly and effectively due to our unique in-country knowledge, resources and preparedness.

The quality of our response in these situations is built on months if not years of background work and analysis. Our knowledge of the Ukraine’s history and politics, and the network relationships we build, enable us to understand potential scenarios and to spell out the consequences of certain actions. We are able to look ahead and see how clients could prepare for situations as they unfold.