Top ten things to consider when in crowded places

Last updated: 22 December 2016

Top ten things to consider when in crowded places

Make business trips rewarding, not risky

  1. Be vigilant but not alarmed. 
  2. Know where the exits are in case you have to react to what is a very unlikely event. 
  3. Have a charged mobile phone with you, so you are able to get access to information about disruption or any on-going incidents, as well as call for help, if necessary.
  4. Follow advice from local authorities, and have confidence in our police, intelligence and security agencies to prevent/disrupt, or warn us appropriately.
  5. If anything happens, immediately depart the scene by a direct route in the opposite direction of any threat.
  6. Find a safe location and, once there, move only if you need to find a more secure location. 
  7. Immediately attempt to communicate. Remember mobile (cellular) communications networks might be unworkable, either as the volume of traffic increases, or as emergency responders reserve the network for their own purposes: landline services are an alternative. 
  8. In the immediate aftermath, make reasonable attempts to account for other members of your party. If you are in a group, stay together.
  9. If necessary, seek medical assistance immediately. Find out where any injured people will be taken and accompany injured friends/relatives to hospital.
  10. Don't let it ruin your Christmas or event! 

"While it's important to be vigilant about the kinds events we've seen in France and Germany, you need to keep it in proportion. In a crowded place during Christmas festivities, you are far more likely to be affected by the loss or theft of money, phone or other important possessions than you are by terrorism. Keep a close eye on your personal possessions at all times. Also, be careful crossing the road before you get to Christmas markets, pop concerts or so as road incidents are still very high on list of more probable incidents." Rob Walker, Travel Risk Consultant from International SOS and Control Risks

Christmas Market

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