Leisure Traveller

When you are travelling for pleasure, the only thing you should have to worry about is the weather.

And when you are covered with International SOS that is just about all you will have to worry about. After all, we have been protecting travellers all over the world for 30 years.

So if something does go wrong on your trip you can be sure it is probably nothing we have not handled hundreds of times before. From evacuation during natural disasters to helping refill a lost prescription, we know exactly what to do.

International SOS offers two types of Leisure Traveller Plans:

  • Short-Term Trip Coverage includes trips as close as 100 miles from permanent residence
  • Annual Multiple Trip Traveller covers frequent travellers when trips do not extend beyond 90 days

The benefits of travelling with International SOS:

  • An online portal to help you prepare for your trip abroad
  • A mobile app to access our services and alerts on the go
  • 27 Assistance Centers worldwide
  • Extensive network of qualified, vetted and certified providers
  • $1million coverage for medical evacuation, repatriation, and repatriation of mortal remains
  • $100,000 security evacuation coverage