Emotional support for an international assignee


A Swiss employee on assignment contacted one of our Assistance Centres as she was having difficulty coping with her new post in the Czech Republic.

Service: Emotional Support 

Location: Czech Republic



Two months after relocating, the patient was experiencing a high level of stress that she had not anticipated. She disclosed that not only was she having difficulty connecting with her co-workers but felt overwhelmed as the primary caregiver to her young son. 

Her husband was not arriving to the Czech Republic for another 3 months.

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After receiving support from our counsellor, she opted to take telephone counselling sessions which eliminated her need to travel for face-to-face sessions - she was unable to spare the time away from her child. We were able to arrange sessions with a provider experienced in counselling international assignees.

Through multiple sessions, she was taught strategies on how to cope with pressures both in her personal and professional life.


She commented: "The counselling has really been life-changing. I feel that I am able to focus at work and spend time with my son. I don't feel so overwhelmed. Thank you for the support."