South Sudan


On 7 July 2016, five government soldiers were killed during a checkpoint shootout in Juba. Overnight it had escalated into a full resumption of hostilities between the Sudan People's Liberation Army and Sudan People‚Äôs Liberation Army in Opposition. This led to the closure of Juba International airport. 

Over five days, more than 1,000 people were reported to have been killed in Juba and around the country.

Service: Travel Security

Location: Juba, South Sudan


On hearing initial reports of gunfire on 8 July 2016, International SOS immediately issued a special advisory to all members in Juba to stand fast. After a day of tense calm on 9 July 2016 - full hostilities resumed the next morning

Major clashes and sustained use of heavy weapons and artillery were reported across the city. This caused Juba International Airport to close and suspend all commercial flights. Conflict continued for two days - with Juba International reopening on 12th July 2016.

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With close coordination between our teams in Nairobi, Kenya and accredited local security providers, International SOS was able to organise 6 aircraft to evacuate or relocate 212 members. Careful planning and close coordination with clients meant two aircraft carrying 91 Members for 11 different clients flew from Juba to Nairobi on 12 July 2016. 

Our local security providers delivered an invaluable firsthand account of the situation on the ground, for clients concerned about their employees in South Sudan.


Through TravelTracker, we were able to identify
which clients had employees in South Sudan, and in the subsequent days, our 24-hour Assistance Centre in Dubai managed over 500 client inquiries, providing up-to-the minute updates.

Our extensive experience of operating in South Sudan together with our established relationships with trusted local suppliers, we were rapidly ready to support our clients.