Vaccination advice for Rabies


A member about to travel to Sierra Leone – did not have enough time to complete the full rabies course. Concerned, he called our Assistance Centre for advice. 

Service: Medical and Security Advice 
Location: Sierra Leone


Having researched the internet, there were conflicting opinions that made him uncertain whether it was still safe to proceed with the trip.

sierra leone case


Our coordinating doctor advised that he would have partial immunity even without having had the full course. 

Once his specific question was answered the doctor enquired about the trip in general. The member admitted he did not travel often. Our doctor asked what type of travel he was to undertake - whether in cities, rural areas or both; and provided additional medical information about how to avoid risks in these locations. He further discussed what the biggest risks tended to be; such as road traffic accidents or pre-existing medical conditions, thereafter what International SOS’ role would be should an incident occur.

The doctor then transferred the call back to the coordinator who advised the member may benefit from also speaking to security team. Our security team provided him with comprehensive advice ranging from local road and driving standards, preferred times of travel, preferred types of vehicles, how to avoid crime and scams, phone connections and preferred mobile phone providers.


Our advice covered more than what the member had expected, helping him avoid a serious incident.
“If I come across anything, I will give you a bell again. Because the advice has been excellent, covered all sorts of things there, and things which I hadn’t really considered, which is brilliant.”