Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility activities demonstrate a commitment to maintaining globally sustainable operations.  Our philosophy for corporate citizenship focuses on “Healthcare and Education” to look after the wellbeing of our employees and the communities around which we operate.  It also extends to ethical conduct in our dealings with suppliers, clients and other stakeholders.

Our activities include: 

  • Employing best practices in travel risk management for our employees. Includes vaccination, health screening, training, travel tracking and assistance to employees headed to higher risk destinations.  
  • Partnering with clients on community health initiatives to reduce Malaria, YAWs, HIV, tuberculosis and filariasis. We also promote clean water, wellness and healthy practices to prevent strokes, diabetes, infectious disease and cancer in many communities worldwide. 
  • Raising funds and donating time support many causes worldwide.
  • Mandatory CPR and defibrillator training for all employees so we can all save a life when we need to.

CSR committee

Our CSR committee meets regularly under our Executive Committee to supervise and support International SOS’ CSR activities. The composition of this committee includes: Group Director, HR;  General Manager, Group Marketing;  Manager, Group Marketing and other key operational and regional stakeholders.

Kokoda Track Foundation

The Kokoda Track Foundation, founded in 2003,  supports the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea through education, health and community service programmes.

Ebola on The Ground

In early March 2014, we built a website centralising epidemiological information in order to inform and protect our clients from the Ebola outbreak. 

A Child's Dream

A Child’s Dream, established in 2003, is fully dedicated to helping children in the Mekong valley in Thailand and Cambodia who have suffered in the wake of humanitarian crises.

London Air Ambulance

For over 11 million people within greater London, London Air Ambulance provides specialist care by helicopter where it is urgently needed.

Freeport Malaria Programme

As we operate in many locations where the disease is endemic, we believe malaria prevention can make a difference in the lives of future generations in Africa.

run and dance with your heart

Activities IN ANGOLA

Heart disease is a major issue worldwide. Chronic and often preventable diseases are fast overtaking infectious disease as a cause of death in many countries.