London Air Ambulance: our local charity of choice

For over 11 million people within greater London, London Air Ambulance provides specialist care by helicopter where it is urgently needed. This service transports and provides treatment to those who are critically ill or injured. Speed is critical in determining not only survival but the quality of life following recovery. The Golden Hour refers to the hour immediately following a serious injury, when help is needed most. 

In 2013, London Air Ambulance flew on 1818 missions to save lives. Currently, London Air Ambulance’s helicopter flight hours are restricted due to limits in funding.  Building upon synergies, International SOS’ Chiswick headquarters formed a strategic partnership with this charity to share resources, medical expertise and fundraise. Our employees have donated more than £11,000, and the company has donated a further £25,000, to keep the London Air Ambulance flying. 

Our charity bike rides, raffles, bake offs and other employee initiatives go far to raise funds to support this important local institution. These actions support our aim to make a positive impact on health and education in the local communities where we operate.