Education and mosquito nets to reduce malaria in Africa

80% of the world’s malaria cases occur in Africa. The disease kills 584,000 people a year, however it is preventable. As we operate in many locations where the disease is endemic, we believe malaria prevention can make a difference in the lives of future generations in Africa.  

World Health Day for Malaria occurs on 7th April. We use this day as an opportunity to help educate and reduce cases of malaria. In 2014, we purchased and distributed International SOS "World Malaria Beads Bracelets." These bracelets were handmade in South Africa and provided funds to support the Unite Against Malaria organization. A portion of the cost for each bracelet went towards buying mosquito nets and distributing them throughout the continent. Our bracelet programme provided 750 mosquito nets that helped protect an estimated 3000 children.

On this same day, our offices and clinics in Angola, Ghana, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique joined in the efforts to educate surrounding communities on malaria. Employees donated hundreds of bed nets, gave educational talks, distributed posters and spoke on the link between stagnant water and mosquito breeding for vector control.  These actions support our aim to make a positive impact on health and education in the local communities where we operate.