Protecting your people. Fuelling your growth

  • Over 9,000 local healthcare, medical and logistics partners throughout the region
  • We sponsored the eradication of Yaws in PNG
  • The most southern location where we have employees is in Wellington, New Zealand
  • We have more than 800 medical, security and operational staff throughout the region
  • Winner of Forum for Expatriate Management 2015, “Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility” in the Asia Pacific region

For over 25 years we have supported Australasian organisations manage the medical and security risks associated with overseas travel and assignment. 

More than 400 Australasian businesses, organisations, agencies and government bodies have integrated our services into their everyday business operations. With increased focus on Duty of Care, employers cannot afford to take chances when it comes to the health and wellbeing of staff and their families in the region. 

We have pioneered the delivery of remote site medical services to the energy, mining and infrastructure sector and support them at home and abroad. We are the most trusted provider of medical and travel security services throughout the Pacific and no other assistance company has comparable resources in the region.

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International SOS works with our clients to find unique solutions to help them mitigate medical and travel security risks. We offer a broad range of services from corporate membership and customisable pre-travel e-learning, to bespoke consulting services, such as health impact assessments and pandemic planning. 

We have also developed an online travel risk mitigation tool, TravelTracker, which allows our clients to determine how many of their employees are in a certain location and to communicate with them immediately during a crisis.

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