Protecting your people. Fuelling your growth: In Africa 

The African continent is home to 54 sovereign countries and 1 billion people. Since 1994, we have been supporting African companies with our local knowledge and experience enabled by our in-country presence.

  • Our Freeport Malaria programme in DRC won the Workplace/Workforce Engagement category at GBCHealth Awards in New York
  • We established the first-ever air ambulances in Nigeria and Papua New Guinea (PNG)
  • Our remote sites include places as geographically diverse as the Mauritanian Sahara desert
  • International SOS Africa continues to support 15 clinics, 70 offshore and 80 onshore Medsites
  • Our partner network in Africa consists of 7,635 medical, aviation, logistics and security providers.
  • From a CSR perspective, the region has a strong Malaria awareness campaign to educate and support local communities

The surge in economic growth across the African continent has increased the frequency of business travel as organisations expand their operations into the region. This expansion has amplified both employee and organisational risk profiles, especially when travelling to high risk  African countries. The potential risks include: political volatility and civil unrest, kidnapping, hijacking, terrorism as well as a myriad of contagious diseases such as ebola and yellow fever. The ever-changing political, health and security situations on the continent require agile responsiveness to risk.

This continues to reinforce a company’s need to safeguard both expatriates (their families) and business travellers. Organisations are becoming more conscious of the necessity to implement robust risk management measures, policies and procedures. From a Duty of Care perspective, there is a need to be aware of possible legislation governing employee health and safety when sending them abroad.

It has therefore become critical that business’ employ a risk management company that ensures risk is assessed in advance and that both advice  and assistance is provided when required. 

Medical and travel security advice and assistance now plays a critical role in managing a company’s risks. 

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We provide our clients with a seamlessly integrated medical and travel risk security solution. This enables them to make better informed decisions should there be a potential crisis. 

International SOS has 15 clinics situated in Africa to service our members. These are all rated world class accredited medical centres of excellence. Our partner network consists of 7,635 medical, aviation, logistics and security providers and a fleet of dedicated air ambulances to ensure quick responsiveness in severe medical emergencies in any part of the continent.