Eastern Europe and Middle East

Protecting your people. Fuelling your growth

Our Middle East, Eastern Europe & Central Asia regions include 32 countries. Every month, our Security and Medical professionals in our Moscow and Dubai Assistance Centres receive and respond to an average of 5,500 calls to provide continuous support 24/7. These two centres manage over 1,250 cases and support over 25 evacuations a month.  

  • International SOS is the only provider capable of putting assistance services in unstable, war or conflict environments
  • In addition to  several existing occupational health clinics in the region, in 2015 International SOS opened a dedicated occupational health clinic in the downtown region of Basra; to date we have undertaken in excess of 2,300 medicals for companies operating in Iraq
  • 12 of our clinics are located in the region serving over 40,000 patient visits a year
  • Our remote sites include places as geographically diverse as The Kara Sea in the Arctic accessible by plane, a train, a helicopter and finally by a truck or boat
  • We put the first-ever air ambulance in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • In the region, we operate medical services at 159 industrial sites 

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In recent years, the region has strengthened its role as a global business hub. More local organisations and multinationals with a regional-based headquarters, are carefully considering best practices in occupational health. The necessity too - to comply with differing local regulations, has become more in demand than ever before.

International SOS works with our clients to find unique solutions to help them mitigate medical and travel security risks. We offer a broad range of services from corporate membership and customisable pre-travel eLearning, to bespoke consulting services, such as health impact assessments and pandemic planning. 

We have also developed an online travel risk mitigation tool,TravelTracker, which allows our clients to determine how many of their employees are in a certain location and to communicate with them immediately during a crisis. Our travel security team based in the region update and develop our network of providers to extend our reach to where our clients operate.