International SOS has over 15 years of experience in East Africa and maintains a vast network of assistance resources to support its members in the event of a medical or security incident both onshore and offshore.
We can help with destination-specific primary emergency response planning, including pre-travel health assessments, site audits and onsite medical support and timely activation of International SOS as required.

For many years, International SOS has assisted and enhanced the healthcare landscape in East Africa, offering its members medical care of international standards and assistance wherever they may live or travel. This has been achieved by on-the-ground local experience and knowledge. International SOS understands the medical and security challenges facing organisations in their daily operations and activities in East Africa.

International SOS has a registered office located in Nairobi, Kenya servicing the East African Region that incorporates:

  • Kenya
  • Ethiopia
  • South Sudan
  • North East Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Uganda
  • Burundi
  • Rwanda

The support to our members in East Africa requires close coordination and co-operation with our Johannesburg Assistance Centre linked strategically to various in-country providers.

Full service capability in East Africa includes the following:
  • 24-hour Assistance Centres located in Johannesburg, South Africa and Dubai, UAE
  • Medical staffing by International SOS includes national and expatriate medical professionals
  • Access to International SOS dedicated air evacuation services
  • Dedicated air ambulances on standby in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Experience and long standing relationships with hospitals throughout East Africa
  • Thorough understanding of East Africa’s medical facilities and capabilities

 For full details of our service, please contact our Kenya office.