International SOS Switzerland has offices in Geneva and Zurich. The Geneva Assistance Centre is headed by a medical director and offers members trilingual assistance services in French, German and English. International SOS Switzerland has more than 400 clients, including nearly 65% of the SMI enterprises as well as many businesses and NGOs. The office manages over 3,000 member cases annually. We also help Swiss companies and organisations manage their international health and security concerns and have supported major overseas construction and infrastructure projects, world-class sporting events, and executive meetings and conferences for VIPs. 

Our services also include:

  • Medical assistance
  • Medical transport services
  • Air ambulance services
  • Travel assistance
  • Corporate care programmes for long-term expatriates
  • Occupational health programmes for Swiss-based employees
  • Security services
  • Online solutions

For full details of all of our services, please contact us.

Click here for directions to Geneva Assistance Centre.