International SOS in Indonesia

Established in 1984 in Jakarta, we offer a full range of assistance services to corporations and individuals. Our clients include organizations with operations in Indonesia: energy, mining and large-scale construction, finance, banking and insurance trading, NGO, retail, and travel and tourism. Individual members include expatriates and their families and local employees.

Medical Services

We deliver primary and preventative healthcare in remote locations where there is inadequate healthcare infrastructure. We manage over 55 sites and work locations covering the entire Indonesian archipelago, as well as site clinics which serve thousands of patients a month.

Our site medical services include:

  • Remote site clinics & staffing
  • Occupational and community health consulting
  • Healthcare management services (health check and vaccination programs)
  • Public health programs
  • Vector control and entomology
  • Equipment, drugs and disposable supply
  • Site surveys and audit
  • Emergency response planning and coordination
  • Medical and first aid training

 Assistance Center and Services

Our assistance centres are staffed with medical, security, and logistics experts to coordinate assistance and evacuations for our clients. Each year in Indonesia we handle over 54,000 cases and conduct over 250 medical and security evacuations. During the civil unrest in Indonesia in May 1998, we supported the safe evacuation of 4,000 individuals. Our team has extensive crisis management experience, having managed evacuations for the two Bali bombings (2002 and 2005), the Marriott hotel bombing (2003), the Australian Embassy bombing (2004), the Aceh tsunami (2004), the Yogyakarta earthquake (2006), the plane crash in Yogyakarta (2007) and the Jakarta hotel bombings (2009). During the January 2016 attack and bombing at Thamrin, Jakarta, International SOS safeguarded more than 2,100 members with potential exposure through TravelTracker and assistance management.

More than 500,000 Indonesian and blue chip clients entrust us to manage their hospital healthcare benefits. We take care of individual and corporate health administration services and reporting for treatment at third-party hospitals and medical facilities.

 Training Center

We offer specialised training in first aid and other medical training courses in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Our training centre in Jakarta is a modern classroom facility equipped with a clinic simulation, computer rooms and library. Our courses comply with international standards, including the American Heart Association and the International Trauma Life Support.

  • CPR and AED for Adult
  • First Aid Level One
  • First Aid Level Two
  • First Aid Level Three
  • First Aid for Emergency Response Team
  • First Aid Level Three and Multiple Casualty Incident Plan
  • CPR and AED for Child and Infant
  • First Aid Level One for Child and Infant
  • First Aid Level Two for Child and Infant
  • First Aid Level Two and Kemnaker
  • First Aid Level Three and Kemnaker
  • First Aid for Drivers
  • First Aid Seminar (First Aid Awareness Program)
  • First Aid Drills
International SOS Indonesia developed 35 types of Emergency Medical Kits / First Aid Kits to support the emergency handling skills – with thousands distributed annually. 

International SOS Clinics

One of the biggest concerns for expatriate family in Indonesia is to look for reliable practice for healthcare and medical concerns. Finding good doctor and trusted practice with the ability to communicate in international languages such as English, German, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese and French is often a challenge for those who are new to Indonesia. International SOS Indonesia manages three primary care clinics in Indonesia, two in Jakarta (Cipete and Kuningan) and one in Bali, with the support from foreign medical advisors and globally connected Assistance Centres to ensure the delivery of quality services, international standard facilities and stand-by emergency units to provide 24/7 assistance to our clients and members. 

In Jakarta, SOS Medika Klinik is a one-stop medical check up centre offering a comprehensive range of screening services to meet individual and corporate needs, from general to OGUK/UKOOA certified medical check up.

We offer a fee-for-service membership plan to provide clients with access to numerous routine out-patient services and medicines. Our professional team of trained general practitioners, specialist doctors, nurses, pharmacists, imaging technicians, laboratory experts and clinic staff provide primary and emergency medical care through our commitment to customer care and implementation of international standards in healthcare services and infection/disease control.

Make an appointment

We encourage you to call for an appointment prior to visiting our SOS Medika Klinik. By making an appointment, it will allow us to serve you better and can minimize your waiting time. Some of our specialists practice at specific times on certain days and hence it is necessary to make an appointment beforehand.

Your visit to SOS Medika Klinik

When you come to the clinic for the first time to see a physician, we will ask you to complete a patient registration/history form so that a patient file can be established. If you have a copy of your medical records and routine medicine prescription from your previous doctor, we will gladly add these to your new file.