Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Operating for more than 15 years in Papua New Guinea, we offer essential medical services to help members protect the health and wellbeing of their staff in-country.

Our resources in Port Moresby include a medical response and evacuation team comprising expatriate and local staff, an emergency medical facility for stabilising patients, and an international standard clinic.

We also offer international standard medical training programmes from our facility in Port Moresby. These programmes range from basic first-aid training through to more advanced courses for experienced responders.

For clients operating in more remote locations, we manage and staff on-site medical services. This can include emergency and primary care, occupational health and public health programmes. We maintain a network of more than 50 credentialed providers in PNG including medical facilities, security professionals, travel and logistics providers. This complements our own resources on the ground to ensure we can coordinate assistance services.

Our members benefit from knowing that they will receive a continuity of care starting with medical advice over the phone right through to an immediate aero-medical evacuation.
International SOS has formal ISO 9001:2008 certification for all medical services we provide in the Australasia region. This includes our medical services sites and the International SOS Clinic in Port Moresby.

For full details of all our services, please call or email us.